Why a galvanized steel pole?

The world is making great strides, innovating mainly in technology, education, design, infrastructure and ecological sustainability.

The environmental crisis is becoming evident and the principle of sustainability is emerging in the context of globalization, in this way begins the concern for valuing the environment and creating eco-development strategies promoting new lifestyles based on the conditions and potential of the media and the prudent management of resources.

The construction industry plays a key role in the goals of sustainable development not only because of its contribution to the global economy but also because of its significant environmental impact.

When we talk about steel, zinc, iron, we might even think that they are very industrial products, even to the point of asking ourselves: What does this have to do with modern cities, ecology and technological progress? Well, let’s look at the case of a single specific product that can be much better adapted to the conditions that cities need to develop in a balanced, conscious and effective way.

Let’s talk about poles.

The poles are used for many applications today, and we can mention some of them, from electricity, lighting, decorative lighting, medium voltage, low voltage, telecommunications, television, cable, and internet, among other applications. And they are very varied, their heights are ranging from 5 meters or less, even up to 100 meters high.

The poles allow important information to be transmitted between them and the cables, fittings, and accessories they contain, such as telecommunications, data, internet, and telephony. They are key tools in the transportation of information from one place to another, and they allow greater development and better competitive advantages.

But, now, let’s look at the characteristics that exist between wooden, concrete and galvanized steel poles, and let’s thoroughly detail which of them best fit the current needs of the modern world. After reading this, we can have the tools to define which product is best suited to current needs, and which product can perform best in the medium and long-term.

Let’s detail some characteristics about the pole:

  • The galvanized steel pole is lighter in weight than wooden pole or concrete pole. The weights reflect that the galvanized steel pole weighs 1/3 less than the wooden pole, and 1/5 less than the concrete pole.
  • Concrete poles are often difficult to handle because they go incomplete pieces of the required height. However, the galvanized steel pole allows a more agile transport, because corresponding sections can be made to reach areas of very difficult access: Let’s see in the photograph how these almost inaccessible areas look:
  • The general transport of galvanized steel poles is much easier, as the number of poles that can be moved in a truck is more than concrete poles or wooden poles that carry only one body, or are only one piece.
  • Wooden poles and concrete poles commonly require cranes for installation. Metal poles do not need this crane for installation, which allows them to save certain implicit costs.
  • Fire can be a very complicated enemy for poles, especially for wooden poles. It is very common to see how these are consumed by fire in places where there are burns of crops or land, without taking provisions in this regard. This can often aggravate the situation by creating uncontrollable fires that damage the flora and fauna of the area.
  • Galvanized steel pole offer up to 50 years of service life, depending on the area where they are installed, and with the minimum maintenance that must be done to it.
  • The galvanized steel pole, being made of metal, are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • The salinity conditions of many cities in the world tend to ruin products very quickly. Galvanized steel poles provide greater strength for such conditions and environments.
  • Heights are often not the best ally for wooden poles or concrete poles. These, because they have only one piece, cannot be made very high, and do not provide greater capacity. The galvanized steel poles, allow important heights, adapting to the needs that are required for each situation.

For these reasons, and many others, the competitive advantages of galvanized steel poles allow cities in continuous growth and advancement to have an improved option to meet their needs, streamline processes, reduce costs, and above all, provide much better living options to all its inhabitants.

Andrea Pérez Caicedo
Country Manager – Grupo ITM Costa Rica