Rapid Site is a unique solution for the deployment of towers in just four days!

Grupo ITM has experience in the design, manufacture, and assembly of rapid deployment towers -RDS-, the modern evolution of telecommunication sites. Our objective is to provide practical solutions quickly and efficiently to reduce current limitations, developing new locations, with the advantages of time, relocation, scalability, and storage.


  • Minimum equipment needed.
  • Electricity easy to install without digging ditches.
  • Non-invasive solution (minimum civil works required).
  • Mounted and built in one visit.
  • Maximum economy in the operating state.
  • All the elements are reusable.
  • Designed and built to withstand the most demanding environments.
  • The structure -tower and base- can be disassembled and installed elsewhere.
  • The base of the structure can be used in any type of soil, without the need for expensive and elaborate geological studies.
  • Quick installation with benefits for the operator and investor.

We adapt to the specific needs of our customers by offering the following types of towers:

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With the following variables, we can propose a customized tower

  • Type of tower
  • Peak load height
  • Wind operating speed
  • Accessories, closing or camouflage