Custom designs for every need

We lead the market of steel poles which are designed, manufactured and installed in sizes ranging from 6mts to 100mts in height. These can be hot-dip galvanized and/or painted with self-adhesive coatings.

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Used massively for the use of mobile and/or fixed telephony, their structure, shape, versatility, and lightness have made it possible to take advantage of reduced spaces with this type of pole and/or structure, thus covering more extensions that include more space for connection and communication.

Steel Tubular Pole of Transmission Line

The complexity in the use, land, projects and the development of power lines have chosen the steel pole for electrification and distribution as a tool that allows them to develop a whole structure that needs to move forward in the most inhospitable places. Due to its lightness, easy handling, and low manufacturing costs, this pole is usually used to maintain the established budgets.

Lighting Poles

We manufacture pyramid-shaped trunk poles frequently used for public lighting, columns for road lighting and/or for placing luminaires or projectors. Regularly our plant can customize the design of the same ones that can be from cylindrical, square, octagonal or decorative poles.


With measures ranging from 6mts to 100mts in height, our plant has the versatility to customize any project regardless of its magnitude.

Stadium high mast light pole with platform

They are structures that are calculated according to the required illumination. They include ladders that allow easy handling and change of lights and/or direction of them. They can be with a basket, without a basket, suspended, circular or according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Pum (Poste Único Municipal)

Grupo ITM is the company prequalified by the Municipality of Guatemala to provide the poles for its PUM project, which aims to recover the public space in the streets and avenues of the city for the organization of the wiring and metal poles installed within the perimeter of the capital.

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Manufacture process

  • Quality control for each workstation
  • Verification of measurements according to plan
  • Constant monitoring of welding finishing, drilling, polishing, cutting, and assembly







  • The thickness of the zinc layer is approximately 100 microns (0.1mm) The greater the thickness, the longer the service life
  • Galvanized by immersion in molten zinc at 450° centigrade
  • Zinc coats the entire external and internal part, no matter how complex the structure
  • In the case of scratches, the damaged surface becomes clogged by chemical reaction


  • 10 tons per hour
  • 12 meters long
  • 2 meters wide
  • 3 meters deep


Protection by barrier effect

Isolates the steel from the aggressive environment.

Cathodic protection

The zinc will be slowly consumed to provide protection to the steel. As long as there is zinc coating it will not suffer any corrosive attack.

Protection of exposed areas

Zinc is insoluble, compact and adherent. Covers the small discontinuities that may occur in the coating due to mechanical damages.


Many years of experience have made it possible to know quite accurately the duration of the protection provided to iron and steel structures and products.