We have extensive experience in consulting for the construction, design, and development of great projects in various fields, which allows us to provide solutions that combine creativity and functionality.

We have a team of highly qualified engineers, architects, industrial designers and designers with valuable experience, trained to focus from start to finish on the success of your project.

Consulting services:

  • Elaboration of Designs and Budgets
  • Advanced Structural Calculation
  • Programming and work control
  • Project management
  • Technical Supervision of Work

Mounting and Civil Works

We have the machinery, tools and a team of workers and supervisors experienced in the execution of civil works and assembly essential in metal structures projects. Among the most common we perform are:

  • Hoisting of structures
  • Bolted unions
  • Field welding
  • Painting
  • Reinforced concrete foundation
  • Concrete block walls and reinforced masonry
  • Concrete Slab casting
  • Rain drain pipes and storm drains


With an appropriate treatment, you can prolong the useful life of your structure. In that way, the need for change both as a whole and in each of its components is later reduced. Among the maintenance services we have:

Cleaning and Sanding

It is performed due to corrosion, inclement weather, birds or corrosive agents prior to the paint correction.

Paint Correction

It consists of repairing and/or retouching the initial paint of the existing metal structure that has been damaged by its useful life.

Reinforcement Welding

It is done when the structure has suffered deterioration and requires arrangements to provide greater resistance.

Screw and Torque Exchange

It is done when the screws are damaged, or when it has been loosened by use.

Maintenance of Life Line System

We can define lifelines as protection systems that make it possible to carry out transit, stay or work in areas where there is a risk of falls.

Advantages of Our Services

Competitive and Reliable Delivery Deadlines:

Our Workshop is prepared to work during 24-hour shifts, 7 days a week.

Human Resources and Infrastructure:

Committed and qualified personnel with the latest technology equipment for your satisfaction.

Customer service:

Technical and administrative support in any phase of the project.


Work procedures established to guarantee 100% compliance with quality standards.