We adapt to our customers’ needs, with customized solutions looking for technical and economic optimization of projects for industrial and commercial turnkey constructions.

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Our Business Lines:

Metallic Structures – Roofs and Enclosures – Industrial Turnkey Buildings

In Grupo ITM we have experience in the manufacture and construction of industrial warehouses as well as warehouses, roofing and enclosing of large areas, for storage and industrial installations of all kinds such as:

  • Production plants
  • Supermarkets Centers
  • Commercials
  • Sports complexes
  • Industrial parks
  • Warehouses
  • Hangars
  • Buildings based on metal structures

Metallic structure

Due to the use of steel, the metal structures have a high resistance capacity. This gives the possibility of achieving large-scale solutions, such as covering important loads. It is ideal for its advantages in terms of work, cost of labor – cost of materials, financing, etc.

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Using prefabricated pieces, and with unions of great flexibility, the deadlines of work are shortened significantly.

  • Steel joist structures
  • Polin Metal structures
  • Outdoor metal structures
  • Indoor metal structures

Covers and Ceilings

We build and install covers and ceilings of great quality, our experience and technology allow us to offer the type of structure that best suits your needs.

  • Covers and ceilings in R101
  • Covers and ceilings in KR18 Steel tanks deck-25 / losacero section 4
  • Ceilings with roof tiles
  • Covers and ceilings in RN 100/35
  • Covers and roofs in multipanel (multi-roof and multi-wall)

Galvanizado Por Inmersión en Caliente Capacidad

  • 10 toneladas por hora
  • 12 metros de largo
  • 2 metros de ancho
  • 3 metros de profundidad

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