Functional Steel Parking

Parking has become one of the biggest problems for drivers in recent years. Finding a solution to this problem is a challenge, especially with the significant growth of the population and therefore of vehicles in our region.

Despite government policies to adopt public transportation systems to try to reduce concentrations of vehicles within the city, it is a fact that there is no room for more.

Blocked sidewalks, streets with parked vehicles and pedestrians with a lack of space to move around is the unfortunate situation of many of our cities in Latin America. The existing public and private parking lots are overcrowded, or the charge for the use of the service is excessive due to its high demand and little supply. The user ends up being the number one affected and is also exposed to fines, theft, vandalism, etc., and this is not only a problem that affects the user of the vehicle but also the rest of the drivers since a badly parked car can cause everything from road chaos to serious accidents.

Innovation and Creativity are the Key!

Some ideas have emerged to address the problem of parking shortages in cities, but they have not yet been implemented in our region. One of them is the vertical parking, whose main objective is to optimize the existing resources with metallic constructions that are not only functional but also aesthetic.

Spaces can be doubled and tripled through fast and trustable construction. They have a minimum durability of 50 years because they are primarily made of galvanized and painted metal. Those are solutions that can easily be assembled and disassembled for installation at another location.

Vertical parking is an effective way to solve the problem of space and this not only benefits drivers but also parking lot owners because by multiplying their spaces they are also multiplying their income.

There is no doubt that innovation and creativity are always necessary to resolve any situation, especially in the field of construction, which is one of the drivers of economic and social development.

Susy de Ortiz / Country Manager Grupo ITM Panamá