About Us

We are a multinational business group, with more than 50 years in the market making the difference in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of general metal structures with great quality and excellent service.

We work based on processes of continuous improvement and compliance with international standards, thus achieving the development of innovative projects that contribute to the industrial, telecommunications and electrification sectors throughout the region.



Contribute to the sustainable development of the regional infrastructure through avant-garde and high-quality products and services aimed at guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients.


To be the leading organization in providing technical solutions for the sustainable development of the regional infrastructure.

Offices and Factory in Guatemala

Plant of 98,475.60 m ², administrative offices of 450 m ², with the capacity to manufacture and galvanize the structures that require volume, size, and complexity.

We use the machinery and the equipment of last generation technology with great capacity and versatility to produce large volumes in the short term. This plant has a production capacity of 3,000 tons per month of steel that is sold to the entire region.


Oficina y Bodega El Salvador

12,517 mts2

Oficina y Bodega Honduras

2,100 mts²

Oficina y Bodega Nicaragua

4,250 mts²

Oficina y Bodega Costa Rica

1,282.90 mts²

Oficina y Bodega Panamá

386 mts²

Quality Policy

We are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers, maintaining high-quality standards in our products.

We work on the basis of QC & QA processes of continuous improvement, which allows us to permanently develop new work methodologies.

We monitor compliance with international standards ASTM, ISO, AISC, ASCE, NESC, CECCS, CENELEC, BS 8100 JIS, among others.